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Give your body the chance it needs to heal itself!

Give your body the chance it needs to heal itself!

Are you dealing with a health condition such as carpel tunnel, MS, depression, fibromyalgia, IBS, asthma, panic attacks, cancer, muscle aches or pains, and so forth? Do you have a child struggling in school or has been diagnosed with a behavior code? The list of conditions that can be successfully treated is endless. Do you have a condition that the medical field just doesn't seem to be able to help with? Maybe you are struggling with a condition that is causing you a lot of pain, grief, or blocking you from accomplishing your goals. Sure the medical field can load you up with medication, but is it helping to heal the condition or just mask the symptoms? You need to get to the underlying cause of the health condition in order for your body to start a healing process and return to optimal wellness.

Lighten the Load.

Release that baggage that is holding you back, start enjoying life, learn to love again. 

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How does the Emotion Code work??

I provide a no pressure, totally relaxed atmosphere.

With the first session I will spend approx. 15 minutes in discussion with my client. I will determine the best course of action and what modalities I may need to combine to achieve an effective session.

Once this step is complete, I will contact my guides, your guides, your angels, and whom ever decides to come into the session to help it proceed - as long as that help is of the light of God.
This session is non denominational. Your personal faith will ultimately guide each session.

Your body is in control of what emotions are brought up to the surface and released. It knows best. Once we locate the emotion, we release it to the universe with love and for cleansing by rolling a magnet down your governing meridian.

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Innerbalance and Harmony - Certified Emotion Code Practitioner - Energy Healer

Calgary, AB

(587) 253-4162


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