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It has been shown that your body and body energy is impacted by all the emotions that we feel on a daily basis. Our bodies take this emotional energy, good or bad, and stores it in your body where it is harbored until it is released. In the meantime your body is filling up with these stored emotions like a suitcase about to burst, potentially creating all sorts of ill health and dis-ease. Your body often also takes these emotions that have been created and stores them around your heart, creating a heart wall. The body does this to protect you from being hurt even more then you have been, but by doing this, it hampers your ability to be able to feel love, feel compassion, all the awesome emotions that one should be able to feel in life. A heart wall can also be the root of health challenges for you, but thankfully I am here to help.

ABOUT ME - Miles Albrecht

I am a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. I can access your bodies inner energy, locate and safely release buried emotions that may be causing a lot of your health problems. the method is non-invasive, fast, accurate and effects are often felt immediately. Please read my testimonials below to hear the stories of just a sampling of my many happy clients. Many clients have stated that they have felt the emotion leave the body energy and have felt a hundred pounds lighter after the session

I am also an energy healer, Certified Usui Reiki and Siechim Master, an Angel card reader trained through Angels Teach University, a Certified Rain Drop Practitioner, trained by Gary Young. and supply and use Young Living essential oils and supplements. I work with pendulums and muscle testing through your body energy with help from my Angelic Guides and or yours, or whom ever wishes to help the session proceed as long as they are of Gods light and love, and can channel when necessary.

I am a healing facilitator. The body has the ability to heal itself, although sometimes we get stuck and need someone or something to facilitate the healing process. I love being able to assist a person to heal, to release stresses, anxieties, traumas and pain that they might have been holding onto for years. To be able to witness and be part of a client’s healing and transformation is truly a blessing and an incredible gift which I am very thankful for.

In my practice, I use muscle testing, intuition and knowledge of the remedies and healing modalities that
I have learned, been trained in and use, to help release the blockages in my clients so their body can start a healing process.

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Are you struggling with your health?

Dealing with a health condition such as carpel tunnel, MS, depression, fibromyalgia, IBS, asthma, panic attacks, and the list goes on and on.

A condition that the medical field just doesn't seem to be able to help with?

Sure they can load you up with medication, but is it helping to heal the condition? 

You need to get to the underlying cause of the health condition in order for your body to start a healing process of that condition. I may be able to help, I am a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner.

I can access your bodies inner energy and locate and bring to the surface, buried emotions that may be causing a lot of your health problems. I can then release these emotions by the use of a strong magnet.

It is fast, accurate and so healing. Buried emotions are being found to be at the core of a lot of health conditions and disease's.If you would like more information regarding this or would like to book a session to see if it may help with your struggle , you can contact me today!


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